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Taking on a new leadership role is a moment of high risk – to both the leader and their organisation.  Expectations are high on all sides.

Get it right and the foundations are set for creating extraordinary value for the organisation.

We support leaders in the early stages of taking on a new role

- helping them deliver on expectations.

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Every leader wants to succeed. And every organisation wants to back them. But failure rates remain stubbornly high, at above 50%. Costs of failure are significant: a £250k hire can rapidly turn into a £1million mistake.

Can we assume that your organisation has taken on new leaders many times ...

and not always successfully?

Do you believe that success shouldn’t be a case of “Sink or Swim”?

Do you think it is dangerous to assume everyone at a senior level is intrinsically “smart enough and paid enough” to just hit the ground running?

Have you had to bear the direct, and indirect, costs of a new leader

who does not meet your expectations?

Do you feel there must be a better way to support new leaders to be

a success in their new role?

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New leaders and their organisations are looking for the right help and support in those first few months. There is a lot for a new leader to do:  to understand, integrate and shape the way they will drive their organisation. 

We work alongside you to help identify and navigate the issues which may derail your journey.  We work with you from the moment of being first appointed, preparing you to engage with the organisation before day one, and supporting you through the first few months, which will shape the foundations of how you make an impact:

Develop strong relationships with key stakeholders

Get a head start and fully understand the business context

Engage the culture and manage the message from day one

Set direction, align teams and deliver results

Having a plan, a process and guidance can mean

the difference between success and failure.

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Peak Transition was born from our belief that leaders taking on

a new role shouldn’t trust to luck.

In our own careers, we have taken on new leadership roles and witnessed, or been victims of, seemingly invisible organisational landmines.

We recognise that new leaders are looking for the right help and support, delivered through a discreet partnership. 

We help you analyse your business context, politics and culture

and form strategies to ensure your success.

We work to sharpen your perspective, hone your judgement and take action.

Why trust to luck at such a moment of opportunity?

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Tony Court image_edited.jpg


Proven business consultant and coach working to challenge individuals and teams to drive growth and execute change. Extensive experience in
organisations based across Europe, North America and Middle East.

Fergal Roche image.jpg


Executive coach, entrepreneur and advisor to Private Equity businesses. Business leader with extensive experience in scaling organisations in education and not for profit sectors.

Adam Bloch Image_edited.jpg


Proven partner to organisations searching for and placing executive talent to drive next levels of growth, with over twenty years consulting and advisory professional services experience with global public and private companies.

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Contact us for an initial discussion on how we may can help your new leader to work at Peak Performance from day one.

16 Mortimer Street, London, W1T 3JL

+44 (0)204 549 5130

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